Dr. Brittany Leach

We have a fascinating conversation with Dr. Brittany Leach, a professor at the University of Virginia. She gives a feminist-theory-for-dummies overview of how gender and sex work together to create our identities, as well as why we find fetal remains so unsettling, and how they should be treated. See Dr. Leach's website for her full bio.

Website: https://brl4xd.wixsite.com/brittanyrleach

Tariq Gardner

Tariq Gardner is a childhood family friend of Six Degrees host Liz Kraisinger. He left college right before the pandemic to pursue a range of different career and personal interests, including becoming a top 0.7% creator on OnlyFans. We learned a lot from Tariq about vulnerability and honesty as we covered everything from the nuances of sex work to navigating the world as as a transracial adoptee.

Instagram: @TGardner07

Taha Ben Abdallah

Taha Ben Abdallah is a Tunisian-American student studying Global Security and Justice at the University of Virginia. He's also a highly talented drummer for two bands: his hometown band, The Limes, and Lucid Arcade in Charlottesville, VA. We discuss growing up in Tucson, AZ, fasting for Ramadan, and finding sources of resilience.

The Limes: @thelimesaz | Lucid Arcade: @lcdrcd

Ethan Brassard

Ethan Brassard is a second-year student at the University of Virginia from Tacoma, Washington. Music has been a part of his life for as long as he can remember. In this episode, Ethan joins us to talk about his passion for the guitar, his thoughts on where the music industry is going, and the goals and fears he has about his band, Lucid Arcade.

Lucid Arcade: @lcdrcd