About Us

Why Six Degrees?

We're Liz Kraisinger and Saaran Zaman, two students at the University of Virginia who are deeply curious about other people and the world around us. Liz is a second year student from Arlington, VA studying public policy. She loves anything social science related, and strongly believes that empathy and context are the most powerful tools for making life meaningful. In her spare time, she enjoys listening to music, cooking, and taking care of her plants. Saaran is a fourth year student from Dhaka, Bangladesh studying foreign affairs and theater. He loves the power of story telling and uses his interests in video production and lighting design to find new ways to raise the voices of those who are unheard. In his spare time, you will find him failing to control his desire for spicy foods.

What makes this podcast different from any other? Our drive to understand ourselves and our surroundings lead us to uniquely interesting guests and topics, and we leave no stone unturned. The name Six Degrees is based off of the concept of six degrees of separation, a social theory that all people are connected, on average, by six degrees of social connection. Through this podcast, we aim to uncover the ways in which we are all more connected than we initially might think.

Contact Us

We're always looking to connect with new people. Reach out to us for general inquiries and advertising questions at sixdegreespodcasting@gmail.com.

Photos courtesy of Luca Pfeiffer Photography: lucapfephoto.com.